Ms. Shadow


The Johnson for the Bozhevillya (божевілля) Conglomerate, she can be summed up best as “intense”.

She has blue-green hair, pale skint, and strange vertically slitted eyes. Never seen in anything other than a Tres Chic business suit (and never the same outfit twice), she exudes wealth and power.

Location – the Insomniac Theater

Ms. Shadow Fixer/Johnson
Magical Services/Info – 12 Contacts
General Information (FoF) – 10 Jobs
Shadowrunners – 8 Safe Houses
Dragons – 6 Gear

(73 hits on a 12 day data search)

  • 1. Origins
    • a. Born 2033 as Christina Montgomery
    • b. Hearing loss as infant due to toxoplasmosis
    • c. Normal childhood
    • d. Admitted to university of Seattle
      • i. Extracted by Shadowrunning team as insurance to switch corps
      • ii. Parents killed, team saved girl
  • 2. Shadowrunning Years
    • a. Active between 2054-2061, mostly in Seattle
    • b. Reported in the SCIRE during the shutdown (2060)
    • c. Married fellow runner Justin “Kurgan” Black
      • i. Tangentially part of the founding of Tri-Fecta Industries
        • 1) Original owners were Justin Black, Richard Gilead, and Doc. Bones
    • d. Offered position on the DMIR board of directors
      • i. Rumors of it being bequeathed to her in Dunkelzhan’s will
  • 3. Missing years
    • a. Last seen in Ushuaia in 2062
  • 4. Bozhevillya to Now
    • a. Shows up again in Moscow in 2068
    • b. Founds Bozhevillya Conglomerate 2070
    • c. Begins operating as Ms. Shadow in 2071
      • i. Runs shadowruns on primarily occult/magical runs
      • ii. Some dabbling in the Artifact Rush that’s happening

Follow up/clarification:
Re: Tri-Fecta:
Rumor has it that a team of runners (Justin Black, Richard Gilead, Doc Bones, and Christina (Montgomery) Black) recovered a fully working Stonewall battle tank and sold it back to Ares at market price. With the money, they all went “legit”.
Christina worked with her husband @ Justin’s Arms and occasionally helped at Coyote Clinic (both under the newly formed umbrella of Tri-Fecta).
When Justin Black disappeared in 2060, Christina followed suit about four months after, ostensibly to try to find him. She bounces around for almost two years, occasionally popping up all over the globe.
This left a third of the Tri-Fecta business unattended, so Richard Gilead picked up the slack until his disappearance in 2069 (when his wife Paula took over the company).


Re: Doc Bones:
Doc Bones is an old Coyote Shaman that’s been working a clinic in the Barrens for almost 20 years now. He appears to be in his 90s (if not older) and is generally well regarded by the locals in the area for charity work in the barrens.

Re: Funding:
There aren’t any corporate or criminal ties to her money after the 6 year hiatus. She certainly didn’t have enough to start her own company before she disappeared in 2062. If she’s being backed by someone, it’s extremely well hidden.
Bozhevillya has some ties to the Red Vory out of Russia, but from what I could dig up, it’s more that the vory owe the corp, not the other way round.

Re: SR Team:
This one is a little more tricky. Thanks to the Crash and the loss of Shadowland, I wasn’t able to get much on this outside of the job’s high points. It seemed some B level corp was trying to poach her father, and the handoff was interrupted by his current employer. Things went sideways. Parents died “in a tragic accident” that lines up with the dates of the extraction.

Ms. Shadow

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