Kira Staanson


Born: 2053-10-31
Human Changeling Female

Appearance: Up until 2072, Kira appears as an average human female. Something happened in the fall of ’72 that caused her changeling genetics to express. This includes dragon scales (blue-green in hue), a tail that she appears to have control of, and yellow slitted eyes.

Known for her both reaction speed and ability to cover ground quickly (particularly if using her inline skates, which she has learned to fight in).


Personal History: Rick & Judy Staanson died in 2064 in an accident. The vehicle’s hydrogen pump began leaking, which caused an explosion while refueling. Kira survived and was placed into the care of Paula & Richard Gilead per the Staanson’s will.
At 16, Richard vanished (presumed dead) and Kira left home. She fell in with the Yellow Lotus Triad as a BTL user and occasional “muscle”. Around this time she discovered she was magically gifted, took up a martial art (kendo), and began fighting in underground fighting rings.

Began shadowrunning around 17 (the dates get a little loose as she moves in and out of the world).

Her first team dissolved after she was arrested and broken out of custody by questionable means. She went solo after that, keeping her head down and taking work where she could.

Persephone’s notes:
This all looks good, but there are some inconsistencies. For starters, there’s no record of Ms. Staanson having any pre-natal care anywhere in the UCAS, CAS, DFS, or any other hospital record I could find. Kira just appears on Halloween night with a birth certificate, but the hospital that issued it doesn’t appear to have any records of admitting the Staansons.

The car accident reads as a hit if you read between the lines. There wasn’t an investigation at all. There is paperwork, but that’s it.

Paula Gilead is the CEO of Tri-Fecta Industries, a position she took over after her husband Richard disappeared. There’s no prior connection between the Staansons and the Gileads. Why were they named guardians for Kira?

Thomas’ note:
Kira has a reputation as being something of a “loose cannon”. She tends to do what she wants when she wants, to hell with the consequences. It’s not a great trait in a member of our profession if you ask me. But some people like that kind of thing for their runs.

She’s not overly concerned with loss of life. Underground death matches will do that to you I suppose. She’s known for having killed, very publically, the leader of the Trashers (a low level gang barely worth mentioning). I’m sure you’ve seen the trideo of the woman slashing at the air with a katana that made the rounds a few years ago. That was her as well. She was arrested, and her break out is something of a mystery. None of the officers on duty that night will talk about it. No one was harmed though, so I suspect someone broke her out.
After that, she went quiet for a bit, taking only odd jobs. A year later she came back and has been active since. No real teams, mostly solo work and one-off partnerships.
I wasn’t able to get anything on her latest run. They’ve buttoned up tight on this one.

Kira’s Latest Job

Kira Staanson

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