The Prodigal Daughter

or How we went on a hike in the mountains and fell into a murder hole


The Job

Ms. Shadow : Locate, recover, and return asset 10477 Kira “Kira” Staanson from her current run.

Mr. Green : Locate, recover, and return step-daughter Kira Staanson

The Pay

Ms. Shadow is offering 60,000 for the safe return of her asset to her.
Mr. Green is offering 100,000 for the safe return of his step-daughter to him.

hs. The Outcome

Karma – 10+2
Nuyen – 130,000 split four ways (32,500 each)

The Story

The team was hired by both Ms. Shadow & Mr. Green to recover the same person, one Kira Staanson

The team got the idea to attempt to appear to take both jobs at the same time, splitting up the group’s travel and arriving separately.

Lily and Venus and one of THX’s drones traveled via Ms. Shadow’s arrangements and arrived first. The group stole a pickup truck and proceeded to investigate the town while they waited for the rest of the team to arrive. They quickly determined that the town was empty of metahuman inhabitation. Folks appeared to have just up and left in the middle of their routines. Cars left abandoned, food left uneaten on tables, etc…

Just as they had finished searching the town of McBride, Kasey and Ta’Lon and the other of THX’s drones arrived via Mr. Green’s smuggling contact.
The two groups met up and after a quick planning session decided to advance to the DaBeers-Omnitech facility.
The discovered what appeared to be a modular EM shield surrounding the facility, and several dead bodies just inside the field’s radius. The bodies were wearing lab tech uniforms with a UO on them and appeared to have killed each other.

Crossing the field’s event horizon, they advanced on the facility where Lily and Kasey did a quick exterior sweep of the place.
Kasey cracked the exterior maglock and opened the doors for Guidance Drone would meet her and be her personal assistant while on-site.
A few seconds later, a track security drone targeted her with a Full Auto mini gun blast. She managed to dodge it, and the blast punched a hole in the wall. Lily dived through and took cover behind the wall. THX then managed to destroy the pilot program running the drone, thus ending the immediate threat.
As Kasey and Ta’Lon entered the facility, a second drone was coming online. As venus began to enter the facility, she managed to hear the whine of the mini gun and sent her Earth spirit after it.
While the Earth Spirit engulfed the drone and tried to crush it, the mini gun began firing, punching a hole right through the spirit. A brief shoot out followed and the drone destroyed.

The team proceeded to investigate the facility room by room. WIthin they found a host of horrors. Bodies littered every room they found, all dead in horrible ways (none of them quick). An obelisk was found in a warded, locked room. Opening the room the team heard whispered voices saying “release me”.
The path to the mine proper was “barricaded” with dead bodies piled up to form a wall of flesh.

Ta’Lon case a Spatial Sense spell, letting her detect the layout of the mine and most of the contents. Their quarry did not appear within the confines of the spell, so the team searched through the mine, corridor by corridor. They eventually came to the bottom of the mine where an freight elevator was installed.

Venus conjured several watcher spirits to scout ahead. While doing so, Lily began pushing people on the elevator. Kasey did not take kindly to this, and said so. Lily shoved, and a scuffle occurred, leaving Lily pinned by the jaguar shapeshifter. After some terse words about “personal space”, the two separated.
That’s when Lily, shouting “FOR CASSONDRA”, pulled her shotgun and pumped three shock-lock rounds into Kasey’s chest all but killing her.

Venus cast orgasm on Lily to incapacitate her, while Kasey regenerated.

THX identified something happening in Lily’s commlink and stopped it, which appeared to clear Lily’s head up a little. At least she stopped trying to kill her teammates once Venus let the spell up.

Kasey, fully healed now got up and went about her business. Lily, sobbing her apologies at her, offered to buy her a “stain stick” as “her clothes probably have a lot of blood on them”. At least Lily seemed to be back to normal…

The team gathered on the elevator and descended into pit. The drop was nearly a click down, and hot. The team could make out a winding, downward sloping pathway surrounded by magma. Once the elevator touched down, they were able to make out Kira on the far side of the path. They also noticed that most of the townsfolk were here doing… things. Most appeared to have wounds that would have killed anyone else. Some were literally split in two, but still moving. Some had only open wounds where their hearts were, while others had slices in their neck so deep is exposed the spine. And all of them were fucking each other in any way possible.

Venus, fairly experienced in the art of the orgy, was even a little taken aback (though mostly curious). The rest of the team found the action mildly disturbing. Thankfully, these… people were too busy in their own endeavors to notice or care about the team moving around them.

Kira had reached the bottom of the path where a cluster of the “townsfolk” were. In the center of them was a small girl, seemingly untouched by whatever had taken over the rest of the area. She knelt, weeping, at the far edge of the landing. Kira approached, trying to console her, and escort her out of the area.

Of course it was a trap. The young girl stabbed Kira in the ribs with a talon far larger than her size would lead you to believe possible. It left a hole in Kira’s side, which immediately began pouring blood onto the rocky earth. Upon striking, the girl transformed into a small purple bunny-ish creature with a mouth larger than it’s head. It began hopping back and forth, clearly excited over something.

The team made a break for the end of the path in an attempt to extricate Kira and get out before whatever happens happens. That wasn’t to be.

Kasey jumped across a gap to get into the thick of things quickly. As the rest of the team took more cautious means of approach. As she landed, the bunny roared, and all the people roared in response. This triggered some kind of fear response in Kasey, and she blindly scrambled backwards; right into a magma pool.
Lily unloaded on it with her shotgun, but didn’t appear to do any damage.
Kira managed to crawl away from the rabbit, recover her sword, and carve a small groove into it’s chest. That’s the point where the rabbit hulked out. It grew in size and muscle mass (and apparently teeth). At the same time, the townsfolk began to merge into horrific constructs, merging into each other and becoming large amalgams of people.

The team managed to snag Kira with a spirit, and cart her back a ways, while making a tactical retreat. Kasey, covered in magma, frantically attempted to scrape the burning off, while her regenerative abilities kept her alive and burning.

Kira, in something of a blood lust, had to be Influenced to get her to make her way towards the elevator. Now, moving under her own power, she was able to do so. The rabbit bounded across gaps in the path and made it way towards them, locking onto Lily as the only real threat at the moment. It clamped onto her shoulder, and bit through her collarbone and ribs. She managed to break free of the creature, but at the expense of her arm and some of her shoulder.
Venus and Ta’Lon, on standby with some much reduced spirits, were able to sweep up the last of the team and deposit them into the elevator. Kasey was left behind as a smouldering pile of ash and earth.

They were not in great shape. Kasey was dead, Lily mortally wounded (though stable), Ta’Lon was nearly passed out from drain, leaving only Venus as the most capable runner standing. They managed to get everyone loaded into the pickup truck and made a dash for the exit, only to find it blocked by KRIEG, Mr. Smith, Jonathan Maverich, and their City Master. Venus panicked and tried to find another way off-site. Remembering the VTOL pilot outside, they called him in for an emergency evac [GM Note: Inconsistency in EM field].

He flew in, picked up the team, and flew off; only to crash into the EM barrier that was surrounding the facility. This crashed the VTOL, knocked Ta’Lon & Lily out, and left Venus as the only member of the team still conscious. She summoned a spirit of earth and had it tunnel under the EM field, and speed them to the plane waiting on the air strip.

Arriving back in Seattle, Kira was patched up and “delivered” to Mr. Green. After an emotionless reunion, he paid the agreed upon sum and offered to have Lily patched up in the Tri-Fecta clinic. She was also set up with a new arm, at cost.

Ms. Shadow was not as enthused as Mr. Green, stating that the agent the team was sent to return was not returned as requested. And while it was freed of it’s cage, that was only half a job and thus only earned half the pay. She clearly wasn’t speaking of Kira. This confrontation put Ms. Shadow on the “Do Not Work With” shitlist that Venus keeps in her head.


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