Pumpkin Patches

The Job
Tommy “The Clamps” Malone (disguised as a Razor Head gang member) hires the team to “take care of” Halloweeners in 5 locations, and collect their pumpkin patches as proof.
• A stuffer shack
• A Warehouse
• The Jack’o’Lantern
• A facility
• An empty field
Tommy doesn’t care how many patches are recovered, so long as two sites were assaulted.

The Pay
350¥ per patch recovered

The Outcome (No Karma, Savage)
Team recovered 23 pumpkin patches (8,050¥ = 1,610¥ each)
Team BURNED DOWN the Jack’o’Lantern
Team kept the Stuffer Shack as a base for THX


matt_5 matt_5

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