Interlude 1

Downtime Hijinx


Venus – A group of ten former entanglements protested the Nightside. Nightside under investigation for trafficking drugs. Grey tree with purple leaves sprouted in the middle of the dance floor.

Pepzone – @ Doctor getting checked out for a persistent cough

Lily – Pops had a run in with two asian Elvis Impersonators that left him shaken. Summoned Chaunzaggoroth and traded Karma for Cash.

Ta’Lon – Bound a force 6 Air spirit with 5 services (correct me if I’m wrong there). Received a blank email from Tir na nOg.

THX – Reunited with Mario (the free agent). Met Pulsar and was shown the master
Kasey – Tried to recover Aztechnology shipping manifest, ran into former colleague Zolin and fought. Survived by jumping out of window.

Team was contracted by Ms. Shadow to recover an asset that has failed two check-ins.
She has offered 60,000 for recovery and safe delivery of the asset from her current whereabouts.

At the same time, Mr. Green contracted the team to recover his step-daughter. He is offering 100,000 for her safe return.


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